Precinct 4

Precinct 4


Located at the Harbour Entrance channel, Precinct 4 offers dramatic and spectacular views of large ships moving in and out of the harbour. The advantage of this precinct is the narrowness of its sites, giving a better architectural opportunity for views. The general belief is that this is another precinct that can develop demand due to its unique location with its views of ‘the Bluff’ and its link to the beachfront promenade.

The Development Framework Plan calls for the following:

  • A promenade along the edge of the Harbour Entrance channel for public pedestrian use.
  • El-fresco dining, food and beverage restaurants along the promenade.
  • The provision for greater density within the precinct.
  • The linking of the beach promenade with the Channel Walk to form a continuous shoreline walk, jogging and cycling promenade.
Road Closures

Road Closures Due to the upgrade of the City’s main sewer line along Mahatma Gandhi Road, road closures are in place. Residence and Visitors are asked to be cautious when approaching the area. Point Promenade The construction of Durban Point Promenade is going ahead in third quarter of 2017. This development will enhance the Point … Continue reading “Road Closures”